The Emergence

Introduce Yourself 2

Party POV

The group travels into the forest in search of the lost Panoply of Narven wondering to yourselves how you ended up in this mess. Each of them sigh and glare with slanted eyes (especially Kamesh) in the direction of Crepusculo. Crepusculo, oblivious to your exasperated expressions and proud of himself for his actions back at the inn, whistles to himself as he plays with his newly acquired blade.

Arduin stops the group to take another look at the map. Everyone crowds around except Maxwell—he whines and kicks at the dirt, sitting down against a tree to pick at his fingernails. As Arduin lifts his head from the map to orient himself, he sees a figure on pretending to be on horseback slowly walking towards them in the distance.

“Oh, shit. We have company, guys.” Arduin grumbles as Nox flutters over his head.

Kamesh chimes in, “There is no need to act preemptively. I’m sure he will simply pass by and mean us no harm.”

“Well, I feel threatened. I’d say he’s coming right for us!” squeals Crepusculo.

Maxwell scoffs.

They continue down the path discussing hypotheticals as the “horseman” nears. The man on “horseback” stops abruptly thirty feet in front of the group. His pristine posture suggests he must come from good stock or be well trained. For what feels like an eternity, everyone stands silently waiting for the others to speak.



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