The Emergence

Quasdar's (Mis)Fortune

Stepping off the ship onto land brought Quasdar so much relief that he knelt down and kissed the ground. He had never enjoyed the open sea.

“Welcome to Augustana!” shouted a vendor on the dock.

“Huh?” Quasdar wondered audibly. “This isn’t Cassomir?!”

“What? Ha! No. Why the hell would you want to be in Taldor, anyway?” the man chuckled.

“But… I…” sighed Quasdar. “Just tell me when next ship sails to Cassomir.”

“Well, my friend, that one right there.” The man pointed across the docks, and as he did the large vessel pushed off into the sea with surprising swiftness. “Right about now.”

The man laughed again, this time with vigor. “Looks like you’ll be here for a few days. You should settle into a room at the Sleepy Dragon. It’s a new inn they just built attached to the ol’ watering hole near the edge of town. Only been open for about a week now, so you’re likely to get a deal. Also, It’s my brother’s place and he needs the business. Don’t tell him I said anything.”

“Uh, thanks.” Quasdar muttered in defeat. “Which way?”

The man pointed to the northeast. “Just at the edge of town in that direction. You’ll see a sign for the Camel Holocaust. Just follow that path.”

Quasdar walked to the edge of town but saw no such sign, so he continued walking. He thought to himself, I might as well keep walking. It sure beats the sea. This must be part of Saranrae’s plan, though I can’t understand how.

After many hours of tireless walking, Quasdar came across a nook in the woods bustling with activity…



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