The Emergence

Session #0

"How did we end up in this mess?"

As each of you make your own way to your individual destinations, you merge onto a single path through the woods. Knowing full-well that traveling in a group is safer than being alone, you continue together: a goblin shadow assassin (Crepusculo), an Oread monk (Kamesh), a human witch (Arduin) and his bat companion (Nox), and a human sorcerer (Maxwell Stumpleton).

After a brief encounter with a pack of wild dogs, you discover a fiery dagger that attracts not only the interest of Crep, but that of another adventuring party at the local inn. A fight erupts after one of the aggressors demands the dagger and Crep deftly slices his scrotum open with a bolt from his crossbow. After a few minutes of fighting, the town sheriff, Sheriff Cage Blunnde, puts a stop to the fight and demands the dagger for safe keeping.

During the night (after Crep’s failed attempt to steal the dagger back from Blunnde), the dagger goes missing! Because of Crep’s attitude and reluctance to work with the sheriff the night before, he is one the the suspects and is locked away. The remainder of the group interrogates witnesses and the accused.

The lengthy investigation leads the team to the stables, where an owl attacks them, only to be blown apart with one mighty punch from Kamesh. It turns out that one of the suspects, a gnome sorcerer, has trained his pet owl to steal for him! He would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn’t for that pesky stable boy.

Blunnde commends your find, but brings up the fight that occurred the night before. He blames your party for the destruction of a mysterious tapestry that the traveling Dr. Phineus Krane intended on displaying at his exhibition. The value is well beyond your cumulative wealth, and in lieu of prison, the sheriff has agreed to allow you to go on a quest given by the doctor: retrieve the Panoply of Narven. He hands you a map and gives a vague and not-very-helpful suggestion on where to start.

On your way out, Crep demands the dagger from Blunnde. Reluctantly—and more to just shut him up—Blunnde agrees, but tells the group that the other traveling adventurers have the same quest as them! The group who retrieves the panoply has their sentence waived. The one that fails has 20 years on the line…



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