The Emergence

Session #1 - The Panoply of Narven: Part 1

The group heads into the Arthfell Forest in search of the lost Panoply of Narven or else risk imprisonment…

A giant beetle is encountered, which sprays half the party down in acid. However, it is quickly slain with an arrow through the eye. Crey finds a remarkable pile of dung behind the giant stump which was the beetle’s home, but not before they group finds the Codex of the Firmament.

Shortly after, the party stumbles across an old druish ritual site and watches as the life is squeezed out of a curious wolf by an assassin vine covering the alter. Sparking the vine in vain, the party slowly irritates the vine. However, it seems to be more defenseless against strong blows. Kamesh gets himself wrapped up in vines, but Crey’s extreme acrobatics and pin-point accuracy allows him a quick escape. Maxwell is more self-sufficient and greases himself like a pig, shooting up in the air as he forces himself out of the vine’s grasp. After the slaying of the mighty vine, an aquatic ring and the Breastplate of Sacred Fire are found atop the inscribed monoliths.

Since being greased isn’t very comfortable (even for a hormonal teenager), Maxwell decides to strip naked and go for a swim to wash up. As he does, the group is ambushed by the fat man from the Inn! He’s quickly slain, but a mysterious entity from the lake also appears. Crey swims below her and shoots her in her “lady-parts”, killing her instantly. He then dives down to recover any lost loot, but ends up stuck underneath a boulder in an attempt to lift it off of a vial. Kamesh comes to his rescue as he nears drowning. The Vial of Pure Water has been retrieved.

Piling around the pile of ash that was the fat man (and his loot), the party sets up camp to rest for the day…



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