The Emergence

Session #2 - The Panoply of Narven: Part 2

As the party continues their search for the Panoply of Narven, they stumble upon a wounded bear. After slaughtering the bear, Maxwell lights the corpse on fire while Kamesh searches a mysterious, but empty, box. The party uses the smoke to lure the opposing party to no avail.

Without direction, the party travels south. There, they find a young “master adventurer” named Gern Blanston who claims he is looking for a “wizard”. After much confusion and frustration, they find he simply has a speech impediment. However, before leaving, he barters with Arduin for a few of his belongings.

Further southwest, the group runs into a band of thieves apparently hiding out after an art heist. Maxwell snatches the racy artwork and is sure it’s worth a fortune!

Remembering they are on a mission, the group heads north to an abandoned inn. After peeking inside, they are ambushed by the other party. To make things worse, a creature appears out of the debris and begins to attack!



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