My mother was pretty ashamed of me. She was supposed to have a girl, but Letra cursed her and
made me a boy. My mother was less than happy of course. Anyways, she treated me like shit for
16 years, taught me what i needed to know and little else. As a male, I was denied access to
covens or any tradition witch schooling. We argued about this constantly and I finally left.
I thought I would find some comfort with normal folk but honestly I find them unabashedly stupid.
They can barely read, let alone hold a conversation. This world is beyond boring. Witch’s did
fascinating work at least.

I did meet an interesting man named Vass. He was a mysterious sort but he immediately
recognized me for my talents. He took me under his wing, we did odd jobs around town, I helped
him in some ancient ruins and found this stone here. See how it glow’s blue? Well its really
ancient stuff. According to what Vass told me its part of series of stones that unlock a door. It’s
vague though. I’ve got his books here, and his research notes are all over the place, just really
whacky stuff.

See, this particular stone was found in the Mindspin Mountains. Some Demons for some cult
weren’t too happy about Vass and I breaking in to take their precious rock. We blasted them, stole
the rock and ran away. I imagine there still there at the edge of that tomb yelling for us to come
back. Dumbasses.

Now this Green one here we found in a tomb in cheliax. Just as mysterious as the blue one, but
with a different symbol on it. Same story except that Vass got ripped apart by the vile undead. I’m
over it though. Took the stone while they were distracted and got out of there. Just two more to
go. I’ve been piecing together the notes Vass wrote and I think the next one is somewhere in
Nidal, but not entirely sure. Anyways, tomorrow I’m heading out with a group of adventurers so I
can make some money in the meantime. Dangerous stuff. Gets lonely out there. This may be the
last warm stop I have in months. So please, if you wouldn’t mind accompanying me to my… what?
No, no, no thats not why i explained all this to you! No, I wasn’t using you. Of course I don’t think
you are like most tavern girls! They usually put out before I get into my life’s work. Ow, you bitch!
Damn you women to the hells!


The Emergence hexlocke