Maxwell Stumpleton


Maxwell Stumpleton was a troubled child. Growing up in a religious family, he never seemed to do anything as well as his older siblings. Whether it was scolarly achievements, religious adherence, or anything else, it always felt like he was last in the pecking order for his parents’ attention. This led to Maxwell getting into a lot of trouble as a child. He would sneak into his father’s labratory often, tinkering with magical devices and causing varrying levels of damage.

As he grew, his curiosity in the magical arts only increased, and he turned to sources outside of the family as outlets for attention. The more brazen he became in seeking out the attention of others, the more he tried talking others into doing foolish things so he could laugh at them behind their backs with the other kids. When he formed a reputation as someone you wanted to avoid, he would try to get others to notice him through more aggressive means, using his silver tongue to pass blame onto his peers when confronted by authoritative elders. This caused others to avoid being around him so as to be blamed by association, which led to him trying even harder to grab their attention.

It all culminated one day in a tragic accident. During the fallout, he was able to bluff his instructors into believeing his only friend in the world was at fault for his actions. Disgusted with what his appetite for attention had led him to do, he ran away from home without a word. It’s been a few months since he left home, surviving by street performing with minor tricks and talking people into the advantages of allowing him to travel with them. He had just left the last group behind as they were starting to grow tired of him when he suddenly stumbled upon a new group of misfits…

Maxwell Stumpleton

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