The Emergence

Session #3 - An Unfair Fair

After lighting yet another creature on fire, Maxwell becomes the sole target of the creature inside the abandoned inn. Unbeknownst to the party, the rival team’s first instinct was to destroy the creature, too! Unfortunately for them (the rival team), our party didn’t care. Everyone was slaughtered on sight!

The remaining Panoply was recovered and returned (reluctantly) to Dr. Phineas. At his suggestion, the party travels southwest to a small fairground that hosts numerous attractions.

After a small run-in with drunken gnomes, they peruse the tents. Some swindling occurs, and Arduin loses 30gp, but Crey’s sharp eye and instinct causes the carnie’s “game” to backfire.

Crey is denied services at the whorehouse because of his hideous appearance, so he storms off after many insults.

Kamesh gets drunk at the food vendor, and some sexual remarks (and gestures) are exchanged with the dancing bear.

A strange woman insists on showing the group what the spirits have to say through her crystal ball. Several strange images are shown in the smoke… some of which are recognized by the party. She loses consciousness as the images disappear.

In the last tent the party visits, Dr. Gancho tries to get the party to be his gofer! Arduin and Maxwell want nothing to do with it, but something he says to Rickard causes some interest. After some lengthy Q&A, the party agrees to the task… but only after Crey convinces Gancho that gold is most important. They get some funds to help with the journey, and Gancho states they will receive more once they arrive at Ralf Stumpleton’s.



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