Born into wealth as an Oread, Kamesh was always well-loved and cared for by parents (his father a general in the Imperial Army) who are still living in his home of Minkai. When Minkai exploded into all-out civil war, the family sent Kamesh away to the fabled Monastery of the Seven Forms in the Inner Sea (Taldor, specifically) to avoid the bloodshed. With rich parents, the long waiting period was waived and Kamesh took to study immediately, joining the Order of the Stalwart Fist.

Kamesh values peace, study, reflection, and balance. He believes decisions should be fully vetted and executed with intense speed. Some mistake his actions for brashness when he really is gifted in following multiple paths to their logical end almost instantly. Often considered cold or emotionless, Kamesh cares little for wasting energy unproductively (including smiling) and strives to uphold the preservation of all cooperative, peaceful like if possible. He cares little for money or fame, wanting only to be the most excellent martial artist on Golarion and so has taken the Vows of Poverty, Fasting, Silence, and Truth. He believes that perfection lies in communing with godly powers purely through body and mind and thus rarely relies on tools, weapons, or clothes to provide him with protection. He is incredibly weary of anyone outside of his family, but once in the inner circle, you are never left behind out of principle.

Only one thing in his life deviates even a modicum from attaining his goal of perfect enlightenment – the obsession of attaining enlightenment itself. In an effort to elevate his mind and body to the next plane, Kamesh asks for permission to leave the monastery for a time which his Master grants under a single condition: he must return having been perfected. With no doubt in mind and his only connection to the past being his precious metal mask, a cheap family heirloom, Kamesh ventures off efficiently to claim what he knows will be attained.


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