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Welcome to Pathfinder!

This campaign (the title taken from an entry-level module) will be a casual introduction to the world of Pathfinder and tabletop RPG game-play. At least half of our players are new to Pathfinder and/or this style, and as a GM I’m still getting my feet wet. I think it’s fitting that things are taken slowly at first and then ramp up as we all find a comfort level with the game and with each other.

Our first session (TBD) will expose everyone to an assortment of what the game has to offer: a little of this and a little of that. This will come straight from a pre-written module, so there should be little floundering about and uncertainty. If/when everyone enjoys themselves and is seeking more adventure, a homebrewed campaign will emerge to reveal a greater story customized to the players’ backgrounds.

As the story unfolds, plan to be faced with more challenging encounters, complex social conflicts, and mind-numbing puzzles. Yes, there will be plenty of hack-and-slash, but remember that everything has consequences… some immediate, but many delayed.

Please be as active as you feel the need to be. Ask questions and make requests! This campaign is for each of us equally, and the purpose is to have fun!

Thanks for playing, and I hope to start soon.


Home Page

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